Preparing for Surgery

1. We'll contact you

A nurse from the anesthesia group will contact you prior to your surgery date to review your medical history and give you further instructions for your surgery if you are receiving anesthesia.

2. Before Arrival

A nurse from the surgery center will contact you the day prior to your surgery date to give you the arrival time for your surgery the next day. If you are receiving anesthesia, you will be instructed to stop eating and drinking at midnight the night before your surgery. This includes chewing gum, cough drops, lozenges, hard candy, coffee, tea and water. Your surgery may be cancelled if these instructions are not followed. If you are not receiving anesthesia for your procedure, you will be instructed that you are permitted to eat a light breakfast on your day of surgery.

3. Medication

If you have been instructed to take medications the morning before your surgery, take them only with one sip of water.

4. Anesthesia

If you are receiving anesthesia, make arrangements for an adult 18 years or older to be with you on the day of surgery, to drive you home and to stay with you for the remainder of the day and night. If you do not have a driver when you arrive at the surgery center, your surgery will be delayed and/or cancelled.

5. Arrival

You must arrive at the surgery center at your instructed time to allow time for admission in both the reception and the pre-op areas. We have a 15-minute window for your arrival time; if you more than 15 minutes late, your surgery may be delayed and/or cancelled. Please call the surgery center for any major delays in your arrival, to see if we can still accommodate your surgery.

6. If you're unwell

If you develop a cold, fever or respiratory issue before your surgery, please call your surgeon’s secretary at (302) 655-9494 or the nurses at the surgery center at (302) 351-4848.