Day of Surgery

1. What to Wear

Wear loose-fitting clothing that can be removed easily. Remove make-up and nail polish. Remove contact lenses prior to arriving at the surgery center. Bring cases for glasses, hearing aids and dentures. Leave all valuables and jewelry at home or with a family member. Remove rings from operative arm/hand.

2. Make Sure to Shower

Shower or bathe as you normally would on your day of surgery. Notify your doctor if you have any changes in your physical condition on the day of surgery.

3. What to Bring

Bring photo identification (current driver’s license, passport, or state/federal ID) and your insurance cards. Failure to provide photo identification and current insurance information may result in cancellation of your procedure on the day of surgery. Please bring a brace, sling or crutches if your provider has instructed you to do so.

4. Guests

Someone 18 years or older will need to drive you to and from your procedure. We ask that they remain in the parking lot in case of an emergency. To maximize the comfort of all visitors, we suggest that you be accompanied by only one person if possible.