Arriving at the Surgery Center

1. Photo ID and Insurance Card

You will be asked for your photo ID and your insurance card at the reception desk.

2. Co-Pay and Deductible

If you received a call from our billing department about your copay or deductible, it will be collected from you at this time. If you do not have your co-pay or deductible amount with you on the day of surgery, your surgery will be cancelled.

3. Registration is Complete

Once your registration is complete, a pre-op nurse will take you into our pre-op area to review our admission and consent forms.

4. Discuss Anesthetic Options

A board-certified anesthesiologist will evaluate you and discuss the anesthetic options for your surgery. Your anesthetic team may consist of both a nurse anesthetist as well as a physician anesthesiologist.

5. Ready for Surgery

After you are ready for surgery in the pre-op area, we will ask if you would like to see your family member or driver before your surgery.